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Keys and entry

  1. Entry is by the front doors. If necessary, latch them using the door chains.

  2. The front door keys are in two key safe boxes by the kitchen door. The key safe box on the left is for regular users; the one on the right is for occasional users. The two boxes have different access codes. Please return the keys to the relevant box on leaving the Hall and ensure the box is locked.

  3. In addition to the front door keys, the key ring has the key for the sound system in the Hall and the key for the cupboard in the small room next to the kitchen, which contains an extension lead and chargers for the electric window blinds.


  1. If it is dark and lights are necessary, the switches for the ladies and gents toilets, the entrance lobby and outside lights for the Hall (left and right) and the car park are located in a panel to the right of the lobby and are clearly marked.

  2. The lights for the kitchen are located to the right of the kitchen entrance. There is a further switch by the kitchen door.

  3. The main Hall has two rows of fluorescent light tubes. The switch for the main hall is located to the right of the door as you go in. 

Other Useful Information

  1. There are two cinema screens in the Hall. The small screen is worked manually. The large screen requires a key and should only be used with permission.

  2. The switch for the sound system is on the wall by the sound system.

  3. The window blinds are operated remotely. There is a hand set to operate the windows to the left of the small stage as you look at it. 

  4.  The heating system is controlled by a thermostat. The thermostat is located to the right (as you look at it) of the small stage.

  5. Chairs and tables are stored in the storeroom, next to the small stage on the left as you look at the stage. Please use the trolleys provided to move tables and chairs – do not drag on the floor. Do not overload the trolleys – seven for the chairs and five for the tables.

  6.  Please take your rubbish home with you and remember to switch off the heating and lights when you leave. Return the keys to the relevant key box.

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